Monday, September 03, 2007

Busy Weekend

The morning run Saturday was productive.
I had expended some effort at work Friday and was concerned about my endurance for the run, but I, again, surprised myself.
I ran the three mile course with no problems.
Forty-three minutes with a push at the end, all the way to the crack.

My only company was the guy and girl bikers going the other direction, as usual.
She always lets him lead by a hundred feet or so.
Maybe its an ego thing she allows him to indulge.
They are both friendly and say "hi" when I greet them.
Some bikers are not so friendly.
They believe that their mechanized, low-impact speed and distance capabilities are superior to the slow, high-impact trotting of we pedestrians.
No matter.
My running equipment cost about $200.
That is far less than the $1,000 to $5,000 they must expend for their bikes and black stretchy togs.

The "Old" desk. (Amanda, RU watching?)

Then it was off to the building supply barn/store to procure lumber for the New Desk. (Ta Da!)
I purchased the plywood for the top and backs on Friday and had it delivered that afternoon.
A fortunate occurence.

The design has been frozen except for a couple of details that need to be decided upon.
The main unresolved issue is the shape of the lower part of inner leg of the right bookshelf section.
I do not want to have any intrusion of the bookshelf legs/ends on the desk work surface.
To accomplish this, the left bookshelf section will have to support both itself and the inner end of the right bookshelf section, where they come together.
I am still studying some of the details required to make this work.

Sunday, I spent little time on the earthly matters and attended both morning and evening worship services at the Madison First Church of God, as is my habit.
Due to poor planning on my part I violated a rule which I try to hold myself.
I purchased an item from a store on Sunday.
Generally, I do not like to reward businesses which operate their establishments on the day of Christian worship.
But I did not check on the amount of wood glue I had on hand at the homestead, and thus, used almost all I had on Saturday.
Thus, I stopped at Lowe's on the way to church, Sunday afternoon and bought another jug of glue.

Then today, Monday, I had a platter full of things to do, to wit....

Mow the grass
Cook the nice turkey breast I procured (pre-thanksgiving)
Work on the desk
Lay out for some UV therepy
Take a nap

All of this was accomplished.
Thus, tomorrow I will cut the plywood for the backs of the two desk support units and assemble them.

Written on Linux with Del McCoury playing in the background.

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