Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The New Desk Approches Completion

(Composed on Linux with Clannid and then Bob James playing in the background.)

I have worked with great energy and focus to complete my latest project.
As evidence, the included photos are presented.

The boards become parts of structures.

This is the final plan to which I built.
There are a couple of details that were changed as better ideas came to me while building.
Most of the changes had to do with the area where the two bookcases joined.

The two bases and the top.

Wood parts spread around as I plained, filed, and sanded.

The parts with the "first" application of stain on them.

Normally, I only have to apply one coat of stain, but I was experimenting with a lighter shade of stain and it turned out to be too light.
Not enough grain in the wood showed to suit me, sooo....
I bought MORE stain, darker this time.
And stained everything again.
I am of the opinion that this may be the last desk I build (for me) so I wanted everything to be just as I like.
It should be finished this weekend.
("finished" = fully assembled, sealed with two coats of baby oil, and installed in its final location with all equipment, papers, boxes, etc. in place.)

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