Sunday, September 16, 2007

Tah Dah!

The Run

Saturday morning it was still darkish as I set out on my three mile jaunt.
This allowed me to check out the lighting along my path.
It was adequate in the parking lots and along the sidewalk on Old Madison Pike.
Quality Circle was another story.
There are no streetlights on the east and south sides of the loop.
The rest of the course has streetlights.

I was a bit concerned about my strength for the run because of all the weight lifting I had been doing during the week.
Not my nice steel weights, military tents at work and my desk parts each afternoon at home.
We were assigned to “training” Wednesday and Thursday and we spent part of that time setting up and taking down two large (about 15 ft x 30 ft) tents.
I was feeling pretty good starting out and pretty strong.
About midway into the first half mile I started to feel tired and wondered if I was going to have a problem.
Strangely (and nicely) the feeling left me as I started up the first hill.
The rest of the run went amazingly well.
There was no accelerated breathing on either hill, or even at the end of the run. (!)
Even when I picked up the pace at the last 500 feet, I could not force myself into my usual faster respiration rate.

My time was still about forty-three minutes.
But I will take quality over quantity at this point in life.

The Desk.

Tah dah!
The new desk is completed and installed.
There are a few “accessories” that must be completed but the new office is basically complete.
The accessories consist of wooden platforms (I call them “risers”) that some of my equipment (and junk) will sit on.
These will give me more open desk space should I need it.

The old desk(s).

The space.

The new desk bases.

The new desktop.

The new desk loaded with all the old stuff from the old desks.

I had to unplug EVERY cable from both of my computers to reroute them in/around/through the new desk (I made special holes for cables to go).
This scared me because I was afraid that I would forget something or plug something in incorrectly and break my nice puter setup.
But, alas, I was fearful for naught.
Everything worked upon startup.

So now I have two desks for sale.
One – the computer desk – is tentatively spoken for.
The other a nice, simple 24 x 48 worksurface with a nice, detachable double bookshelf above it is also available.
It comes apart into three pieces that can be compressed into a 24 x 48 x 48 space for transport or storage.


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