Thursday, August 30, 2007

More Progress

(Written on Linux with Andreas Vollenweider playing in the background.)

The run last Saturday was incrementally better.
I ran the three mile course.
I did not transition into more rapid breathing until the last quarter mile or so (not even on the hills (!)).
I felt pretty good the whole way.
I even had an extra Wheatie or two to push my pace at the end.
Not quite a sprint, but a definite push all the way to the designated crack in the parking lot/finish line.
My time was about 43 minutes again.
I do not expect to improve my times very much ever again.
I am just too old. (I think...)
I am looking forward to jacking up the task to four miles if I can maintain my three mile efforts for a consistent period of time.
I am thinking I need to do three miles for at least a month before an incremental increase.
I will also have to scout about for a handy half-mile loop to add to my three-mile loop.
I am not sure of the distance, but there is a nice new road that leads over to the new high school (Columbia) at the edge of Research Park, that might be enough to do the trick.
I will check it out with my car some morning.
The ultimate goal is to run the Cotton Row course again (six miles).

It is good to be running again. :)


I am still working on my new/old desk design.
The addition of a computer requires some extra planning and design considerations that were not present in the first two iterations of the design.
I hate ECOs so I want to take everything into consideration at the first shot.
The thing will be huge.
It will have about sixty feet of 1 x 12 in it.
Part of me wants to get started on it, but the planner in me wants more comfort with the design.
It will be about six feet tall (including the bookshelves on top) and five feet wide on both legs of the "L".
That is a lot of desk. (almost 30 linear feet of bookshelf space)
But it will give me some room to grow.

For comparison, my current faithful computer desk is 48 inches wide and 66 inches tall.
And next to it is another desk/credenza thingy 48 inches wide and 69 inches tall. (It will be for sale, too)
So the new piece will be about a foot longer on each side and about three inches taller.
The advantage of the new desk is that all (as in ALL) of it will be usable space, above and below the work surface.
The current setup has a two foot by two foot "dead" space in the corner, both on the work surface and below it.

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