Monday, August 13, 2007

A Nice Hot Summer

We set a new record for hot weather today - 104 degrees.
The humidity was around 20 percent so it felt like Arizona.
Which for me is just nice and hot, not the sticky-yucky-boiling-pig hot we usually have in Alabama this time of year.

For the record, I ran only 2.4 miles last Saturday because of the more intense physical work I did Friday.
That work involved taking down three military tents and loading them on a truck.
So, I was not sure if I had all the marbles necessary to go my preferred three-mile course.

As soon as I started out, Running Central received messages from the right calf and left glut and hamstring areas that there was residual stress from the activities from the previous days activities.
These complaints were duly noted and ignored as no increase in the distress level was observed as the run progressed.
The goal was to finish the run as a run and not have to walk, so the lesser distance was chosen to allow my system to build up to the three-mile distance more gradually.
Yes, I am babying myself, it may seem, but I do not want to break something in/on me.

I am aware that I often forget that I am 62 and not 22.
As hard as it is on my ego/id to admit this, there is a difference in physical capacity and recovery ability between the two ages.
I bump into this difference every once in a while when I fail to be mindful of my increasing limitations.
Sometimes it is painful.
Thus, I try to baby myself, sort of....

The dry weather Saturday allowed me to hang my bedding out on the clothesline, thus making them nice and crispy and clean-smelling.
I also washed my little white egg-car.
It needed a bath.

There is much more to write about but time is limited just now.
OBTW, I have George Benson playing on the stereo.

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