Monday, July 02, 2007


It was with some dismay that I realized that I had miscalculated the length of my new running course in Research Park.
I originally thought it was 3.2 miles.
But as I was plotting a slightly longer course, I realized that the length was only 2.2 miles.
So this past Saturday morning I changed the path of my course to lengthen it to three miles.
Well, almost.

The new path bypasses the one mile loop with the hills and substitutes a 2.2 mile loop that is virtually flat.
Total new course length - 2.7 miles.
Further adjustments will be made to get it to three miles.

The motive is to build some distance ability - endurance.
I did fine the first two miles or so, then, for no apparent reason, my breathing kicked into three-step mode.
It stayed there for the duration of the run.
I was not impressed with my performance.
I fear that I need to get used to this.

Near the end of the session, part of me wanted to stop, but Run Command Central again overruled the impulse and pushed me to the far end of the building near my parked car.
It was a good session - no hurting joints, no whining muscles.
There was just general fatigue from the hips down.
The normal (as in, common) reaction to a taxing run.
Hopefully, I will gain some endurance as I slowly build my distance.

Because of the Independence Day holiday Wednesday, I plan to run this course again (at six AM).
We shall see how I do.

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