Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Out With The Old, In With The New

Let the chronicles show that, on this, my third anniversary in my little house, the clothes washing machine that came with the house has died (or at least became greatly impaired) .
According to the records it was 17 years old.

This was not an unexpected event and, according to plan, a new machine was procured.
So now I have a nice, white, new Kenmore washer installed as of this day.
It is a top-load machine.
I did not take the so-called "energy efficiency" bate and opt for one of the new (and expensive) front-load washers.
My sister did so, but I doubt that she will ever see the payback in energy savings vs. the huge price of such machines (almost three times the cost of my machine).

Water is not expensive, and never will be - in spite of what Al Gore says.
Reducing the cost of heating water can be controlled by installing a water heater (not a tankless - that is another subject) that is well insulated, and installing a low-flow shower head (as I have done).

I am looking forward to washing my first load of clothes in my new machine.
(Friday is laundry day.)

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JeniBeans said...

Every day is laundry day in our house. LOL


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