Tuesday, July 31, 2007

More Pichers

If you look closely, you will see a lone deer walking across the parking lot.
I was just getting out of my car one afternoon at the college campus where I was staying and here came a deer slowly walking across the pavement.
There are a lot of deer in this area (Newark).

As promised, I include more pictures from my travels.

Due to my limited abilities, I cannot get the pictures to go where I want them so you will have to figure what is what.

Included is another picture of the Bartlett brothers.
Brother Tony, is on the left, Brother Danny on the right (duh).
I include another shot of the church building.
I consider the building very functional and generally pretty.
The sanctuary/auditorium is very similar in layout to what I proposed to brother Spanogle for the new Morgan City building.
I do not believe this idea was ever seriously considered.

Also presented are a few more pictures from the wedding of Jill and David.
More to come....

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