Sunday, January 21, 2007

Yes, I am Still Alive

As both of you may have noticed, I have been taking a few weeks off from the blog-realm.
Part of the reason for this is because I went out west to visit my sister and her family.
Another part of the reason is because I was afflicted with the flu upon my return.
And I also have been suffering from a case of writers block.
I just have not felt inspired to write anything.
But I am recovering.

I will be posting some pictures from my trip.
I love my digital camera and took over 200 pictures while on my journey.

The first picture is of an iPod vending machine I saw in the Dallas airport.
I included the lady in the picture so you could see the size of the machine.

This is us as we were on Christmas eve - Dennis, Marilyn, Steev, Casey, and Devin.

This is how the coast looked out the west windows of our beach house.
We rent this house every year.

As is true most days in Oregon, the rain did not last long and an attempted sunset took place.
Between the weather, my little camera, and some photo editing software on my computer, I am able to present some pretty nice pictures.
My special thanks to the seagull that moved into the light at just the right time.

The next morning dawned semi-clear and bright.
It was windy with the temperature in the 50's.
When I took this morning shot, the wind chill was in the 30's.

This one turned out especially nice.
I am using it for my desktop background now.
Did I tell you that I really love my camera?

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