Saturday, January 27, 2007

Mo Pichers From My Trip 2

As the sun rises in the east, it is behind the coastal mountains for another hour or so before the light strikes the water.
Here you can the the shadow of the mountains as the sun rises.

Dennis and Devin and me went for a early afternoon hike along the coast.
The coastline here is very rocky as you can see.
There are lots of channels and holes in the rocks that make for spectacular splashes when the water hits them just right.

As were walking, I noticed the moon rising above the mountain and took a shot at it.
I juiced up the colors a bit to help the moon stand out a little more.

Here is another shot of the coast looking south with no tweeking of the colors.
This was a cool but pretty day.

This is a picture of our beach house.
It is the pale blue one in the center with the four large windows across the front.

There is a problem with the formatting of this blog.
When I create it, the spacing of the pictures and writage look side by side, but when I publish it, the spacing is messed up.
Maybe the new version will fix this.

More pictures tomorrow. (Unless I forget to post them like I did before.)

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