Monday, January 29, 2007

Mo Pichers From My Trip 4

In spite of the cold temperatures and the wind, there were several fishing boats scooting around the coastal waters.
We counted as many as nine at one time.
They worked day and night, setting out nets and lobster traps (depending on which boat you watched) and pulling them in a few hours or days later.
This is one of the fishing boats on the horizon with its big sodium vapor light visible two or three miles away.

That beautiful day that started out clear became partly cloudy then put itself away with an awesome sunset.
The colors changed and moved so many times that I took 28 pictures of this one sunset in about ten minutes.
This is a distant view about midway through the event.
It was taken through the west (duh) windows of our little beach house.

Here is a closeup of the sunset.
My thanks to one of the fishing boats that turned on his light just in time for this shot.
As you can see, the sky was on fire for a few minutes.

Since the formatting here is unpredictable I will simply refer to the next picture as the coastline with fog/mist forming.
This picture was taken from the site of the Heceta Head lighthouse.
You can go here -
to see more.
Because it was getting colder and darker, we did not hike up to where the other pictures were taken for the website, but we could have.
There is an investment company that uses this lighthouse in its advertising.
I am not sure who.

Here is the lighthouse.

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