Monday, January 22, 2007

Mo Pichers From My Trip

This was a pretty neet picture but lacked color so I pumped it up a little.
This is a telephoto shot looking south toward Point Perpetua (which is actually hidded by the mountain you see here).

I realize the looks like the end of the world for these houses but the effect is mostly because of the telephoto lens and the low angle at which I shot the picture.
There a quite a few houses in this little town and not much open land.
Oh, and guess what, the land is REELEE expensive.

I thought this was pretty cool, during a sunset a rain cloud drifted by.
I thought the effect looked pretty smooth.

Here is another shot of the mountain to the south. I put less color change on this one.

I hope u enjoyed these.
Another installment tomorrow.
(no, I will not post all 200+ pictures)


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