Friday, November 24, 2006

The Solar Ekspiriment

Those of you that know me (which is prolly few), know that I like to dabble in alternative energy for home heating.
I have been an advocate of solar heating for over thirty years.
In my present house I have a solar experiment in progress.
I started it last year and have added some small refinements this year.

Today I performed my first test of the system.
(This “system” consists of four 2 foot by 4 foot flat sheets of thin steel painted flat black on one side.
Two are sitting in the window of my south-facing back room.
Two more are hanging from wooden frames that stand on the floor in front of the two glass doors in the same room.)

I know that on some days my little metal heaters become so hot that it is uncomfortable to touch them, but I did not know how hot they really were.
Now, I know.
Today I put my digital thermometer on one of the door panels to see how hot it was.

The data:

Time – 9:00 AM
Sensor location – top center of panel, 3-4 inches from top.
Weather conditions – Clear and still.
Outside temperature – 53 degrees.
Room temperature – 76 degrees.
Collector temperature – 119.5 degrees.

Yup, a hunnerd an ninteen deegreez.
We are talkin’ hot.

I am pleased.
(And warm.)

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