Sunday, November 05, 2006


I saw this in a paragraph in a spam email today.
It reminded me of some of the things Josh has written in his more abstruse moments.

An elusive submarine is like a statesmanlike eggplant hibernating, an inferiority complex of a warranty trembles. The hairy crank case dances with an alleged sheriff. Sometimes the nearest anomaly leaves, but an anomaly near the spider always usually caricatures a garbage can! Most people believe that a line dancer seeks a temporal hydrogen atom, but they need to remember how ridiculously a smelly cashier daydreams.
The roller coaster at base level, this just comes down to total transitional flexibility.

Do not attempt to find any value or logic in the above portion.
There is none.
Laboring to find usefulness in it will only frustrate you and possibly hurt your brain.

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Anonymous said...

So we wonders, yes my precious, we wonders, why post something, expecting someone to read it, if at the end of the post the poster says ignore it. We suppose tis done for fun, as most of the content of blog space is useless anyway. Actually though, some of yours are interesting (excepting the spelling lessons).


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