Wednesday, November 08, 2006


What a catastrophe.

Now we have a spiral of negative events to look forward to for the next two, six, or ten years.
The nation will never recover.

When the liberals raise taxes and cause a general business decline, a recession will take place, which will further reduce employment opportunities which will further limit business activity.
Since no government programs will be reduced or eliminated, and taxes will increase, the cost and size of government will grow, creating a greater drag on the productive element of the economy.
Increased taxes on capital gains of “the rich” will decrease the retirement quality of millions of average Americans.
The inflation that results from the contracted business engine and increased government costs, will further depress the general economic quality of life.

New liberal judges will, case by case, increase the power of the federal government.
Property rights will further vaporize to nothing.
The value of the second amendment will evolve to empty words on old parchment.
The “guarantees” of rights in the first amendment will continue to devolve to hollow, meaningless distortions of what the authors intended.

Islamic fanatics will feel as if they have been given a free day pass to Disneyland.
They will pour into this country and strike at will.
The broken, uncoordinated, reactive response of our defense system, caused by new limits on domestic surveillance, tracking of foreign currency movements, and increased limits on interrogation and prosecution of captured terrorists, will be a source of glee and derision by the enemies of this country.

The new American administration will join the other impotent nations of the world in grandstand hand-wringing, and endless impotent yammering at the UN and other forums, pretending to come to some consensus on some non-lethal, ineffective course of inaction to encourage the offending nation(s) to comply with the latest can’t-we-all-just-be-nice-and play-together resolution.

The collapse of the American economy will soon follow.
The collapse of the world economy will follow soon after.

Have a nice day (it may be your last).

May God have mercy on this nation.

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