Sunday, January 15, 2012


Evidently space aliens came and stole my dog overnight and replaced her with another animal.
She looks the same (except maybe just a tad bigger than the dog I had yesterday), but she acts very differently.

When I let Sally (I shall call this new dog the same name as my previous dog for the sake of simplicity) in this morning for our breakfast, she was appropriately excited and we did our ritual fur-rub-nose-snuggle greeting.
At one point she flopped down on her side as we rubbed and snuzzled, allowing my to rub her chest and tummy.
Then we went into the kitchen where she watched me fix her breakfast, as is our usual routine.
Except instead of her biting my slippers and pants legs in her anticipatory excitement, she either sat and watched or played with several of her chew toys that I allow to remain in the kitchen for this purpose, while I fixed her oatmeal and milk and dog food.

When the food was ready, I set her bowl in the usual place and she began eating.
Not gulping.
Meanwhile, I began preparing my breakfast of oatmeal and eggs.
As my other dog, Sally, used to do, this new dog stopped eating her food and came over to see what I was doing.
But unlike what Sally did yesterday, this new dog did not jump on my legs, bite my pants legs or shoes.
This new dog just sat and watched me.

When I had my food fixed and took it to my dining room (such as it is...) table, this new dog, went back to her bowl of food and continued to eat, as I ate my food.
As I ate, this new dog came over and sat under the table and put her chin/nose very gently against my knee – no doubt to let me know that she was there and available for crumbs from the masters table.
Not once did she put her paws on my leg.
Not once.
She did not even come close to doing it.

After the meal I let her lick my plate and bowl, as usual, then I set about washing the dishes.
While I washed, this new dog, alternated between finishing her food and playing with her toys.
Again, she did not try to bite my pants cuffs or slippers.

AND, when I sensed that she needed to go out for something (ahem...) this new dog, went outside with me, walked a few steps off and tended to her business.
Then we were ready to go back in for more quiet fellowship.

The next time I let her out a few minutes later, when asked if she wanted to come back in, she just stood and looked at me.
The Great Pyrenees indicator of “no”.
So she is outside in the cold now.
Except that “cold” is not a bad thing to a GP.

I am seeing a trend with Sally the Dog.
A bad day of misbehavior is often followed by a good day.
Seemingly all lessons taught (and failed) on one day, are learned overnight and performed appropriately the next day.

I like this new dog....

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