Saturday, January 07, 2012


The predawn run today was delightful.
I daydreamed most of the way, a sure sign of blissful relaxation.

The weather person had predicted rain for this morning, but with unusually mild temperatures.
So when I woke up, I was interested in two things – 1) how hard was it raining,, 2) what was the temperature?
Both would affect how I should dress for the party.

I also took a peek at the weather radar picture on my computer, and saw spotty green blobs on the map – scattered showers.
My thermometer on my back porch read 58 degrees – warm enough for bare legs and a light single layer long-sleeved top – even if it rained.
There was a light breeze and it was not raining, but the slightly damp streets indicated that it had rained recently (as the radar also indicated.

So I brought some rain stuff with me – cap and jacket, JIC.
And off to the mountain course I drove.
It was cloudy (and dark) but not raining at my usual parking spot, so I left the rain gear in the car.
I was mid-way into mile one when the rain started.
I could hear the whisper of the light rain on the trees all around me as it moved over me.
I thought to myself, this could be an interesting morning.
Just as I was adjusting myself to be soaked to the skin for the next 30 minutes or so, the rain decreased its flow gradually to zero.
End of rain.

So I can say I ran in the rain this morning.
Never mind that it only lasted about two minutes.
As I said, I paid little attention to things around me today.
Nothing was hurting or felt wrong – except the tingly numbness that intermittently tickles my left foot.
With no personal issues and no environmental issues, my mind wandered.
I noted that Tollgate Road is a gentle up hill climb from Mountainwood to Dill, my new turn-off.
For me, daydreaming while running is the next thing to falling asleep while running.
For you non-runners that may sound impossible, and prior to such a thing happening to me, I would have agreed with you.
But on more than one occasion I have had such a relaxing, pleasant time running that I have closed my eyes and could have drifted off to fairy land.
That is one advantage of running on nice, smooth paved roads.

I owned the roads this morning.
I was the only runner out at 6 AM.
While doing my distance check in my car afterward, I did spy a very capable female runner on Tollgate and later on Owens Drive.

Sally the Dog

Sally and I continue to adapt to each other.
There were no Transgressions of the Tradition of the Elders after her sleeping indoors ended.
Now, when I see her acting kind of restless and sniffing around the house, I take this as a signal that things need to be taken care of.
I invite her to come outside, she comes out.
I say “go pee” and she usually takes a few steps away and does her business.
End of the drama.
I tell her what a good girl she is and she acts like it was her idea.

We are doing pretty good on the leash.
She is doing better at staying with me as we walk, but I have mixed feelings about this issue.
As I have said, I am not sure if walking like a robot next to me, like the dogs that Cesar Milan trains, would be any fun for my dog.
The walk is not for me, it is for her.
If she wants to stop and sniff a mailbox post, no problem.
I will stop and let her sniff.

If I decide that I want her accompany me on my morning exercise walk, that is a different deal.
Then I need her to say with me within a leash length.
We may work up to that.
Being completely selfish about it, I would like for her to walk like a robot Cesar Milan dog.
But being realistic about it, Sally is a dog.
Her walks are for her, not me.
If she wants to sniff, I'll let her sniff.

So I don't know where we will land on this issue.
My biggest concern is that she stay near me for safety reasons.

And this week (ta da) Sally learned that she could bark.
She did it twice yesterday and four times this morning.
Her barks at this point are from frustration waiting for me to fix her morning food.
Up until yesterday, the would growl and bounce around in excitement anticipating the food she could already smell.
Yesterday morning she added a bark or two to express her excitement.
This morning was the same.

Even though this breed has a reputation for barking, especially at night, I have heard nothing out of her while outside.
That may change now.....

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