Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Today was a horrible day for Sally the Dog and her care-giver.
What started off nice and quiet for StD turned into a major transgression of the Tradition of the Elders.
She has learned that raising up and pushing with her front paws on the two-foot plywood barrier between the kitchen and the living room will knock it down so she can jump over it into the living room.
I was busy washing dishes and could not get to her fast enough to stop the project.
When she refused to go back into the kitchen, I picked her up and carried her to the back door and set her down outside and closed the door.

We did go for a 25 minute walk a few minutes later, on which she behaved reasonably well.
Then I went to work and ended up working and hour and a half later than I had planned.
So when I got home at 6 PM, Sally the Dog was hungry and agitated.

I fixed her a special dinner of dry dog food and some chopped up stew beef.
She put all that away in short order and began hunting for more.
And in the last week or so, she has developed a habit of whining during and after her eating.
And she trots around restlessly as if looking for something.

I have learned that what she is hunting is a place to piddle or poop.
So when I hear her begin to whine, I take her to the back door.
If I stay in the house, she will not go out.
If I go out and invite her out, she will come out and go do her business on the grass.
But she seldom does both jobs in the same trip.
SO, tonight I took her out the piddle – which she did - and we went back into the house.

A few minutes later (very few) she began whining again.
I postponed taking her out because I was not sure she needed to do another potty break so soon.
BIG mistake.

She went in to the back room for a few seconds and by the time I got in there Sally the Dog had relieved herself on the carpet.
The Tootsie Roll kind.
I was so mad.
Mostly at myself.
I told her she was a bad dog, but she was already on her way to the back door waiting for me to let her out.
Which I did.

Smart dog – sort of.
She gets about half of the program on potty training.
And – mostly due to my diligent efforts to let her out often - we have had a good several days in this area of education.
Today restarted the clock.

And she persists in putting her front paws up on my lap while I am eating.
We had another confrontation this evening about this (before the potty event).
I am not sure if she just wants to see my food or to eat it.
I suspect the latter. (she is a dog, after all....)
But she does not seem eager to get her nose near my dishes – just like she is curious.
But I cannot allow this, so I am trying to teach her to not do it.
Just what I need – more classes for dog and man.

I am very discouraged about the dog again.
She is no fun to be with.
Every encounter is a test of wills that ultimately results in me sending her out into the back yard to be ignored.

As I may have said here, I do not want or need an animal in my back yard.
I have squirrels for that.
For free.
If I cannot have a peaceful relationship with this animal, I need to send her to someone who has the interest, need or time to deal with her.
She needs a big farm with some animals where she can stay outside and guard/herd them.

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