Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Three Weeks To Go...

With the big Cotton Row 10k race looming, activity on the course took a jump this past Saturday.

There were guys all over the course as I ran.
I did not count but there were at least ten people on the course.
A local running supply store had a water station set up early into mile four (at the top of The Hill) and is sponsoring the practice runs.
Coincidentally, they start their practice run at 6 AM - the time I TRY to start my jaunt.
I was late again and did not get out the chute until 6:06 or so.

The weather was marginally warm but threatened more (!) rain, so I started out with my rain hat on my head.
But it is waterproof (duh - RAIN hat) and gets a bit steamy underneath.
So in mid-mile three, I took it off and carried it the rest of the ride.
No rain came down while I was on the course.

Interestingly, I passed everyone on the course except two older guys who passed me in mile six.

Now that I have caught race fever again, I am thinking seriously of running the Jesse Owens Memorial race in Moulton, Alabama on Saturday May 16.
It is a nice generally flat course that ends in the high school stadium track.
Sort of like the Olympic marathon.


Have you ever heard of a world-wide epidemic where only five people have died and a few hundred have gotten sick?
I thought not.
You are in one.

The Swine-flu "epidemic" is an Obama-U.N.-manufactured "crisis" to gen up interest in his socialist health tax plan.
Trust me, when he gets his program going, health care will be rationed to the old and the young will receive treatment first.
The wording is already IN the "stimulus" tax legislation passed by the United States Congress.
If this were a REAL epidemic and thousands of people were sick and Obama-care was in place, there would be long lines of people waiting to get in the guvment healcare clinics for treatment.
It would take weeks for many to get in.
Many would die in the process.


I cannot wait for the first Chrysler-Fiats to roll off the assembly lines in this country.
I predict they will be a colossal failure.
I predict the new Chrysler-Fiat company will fail in two or three years.

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