Friday, May 22, 2009

Have You Ever Wondered...

... if there is a magnetic shield around trash cans?

I am no basketball player, but I can usually toss a wad of paper or Kleenex six or eight feet into a trash can.
Or at least touch it.
But I am amazed how "easy" it is to miss the 9 by 9 inch bucket and hit the one-inch slit between the bucket and the wall.
I am sure I could TRY to hit the slit all day and miss every time.
Why is it so easy to miss?
I am beginning to suspect cosmic sources.
Maybe trash bags build up static electricity that deflect incoming paper wads.
I think we need a guvmint study to see why it is so hard to hit a trashcan with a wad of paper.


If you have been thinking about buying a new or newer car in the near future, you better hurry.
With the new fuel and emissions requirements just passed by our congress of socialist lemmings, the new Obamamobiles the car companies are required to build will be tiny, gutless, and very expensive pieces of junk.
And as they start selling these Obamamobiles, and gas usage drops, gas tax revenues to the federal and state governments will start to drop.
The federal and state governments will have to RAISE gas taxes to make up the revenue short-fall.
So, while people will be driving cars that may get better gas mileage, they will likely be paying MORE for gas because of the increased taxes.
Yea, "green" products might make for a "cleaner" environment (maybe), but when not operated by the capitalistic economic system, it will be WAY more expensive.

Think about it.
Government operates on a cost-plus basis.
Low costs has never been a priority of government.
You doubt me?
Name ONE activity of government that costs less than the same operation run by a private for-profit company.
There ain't none.

But the mesmerized masses that voted for these self-important, over-educated, idealistic, power mongers like Obama, are going to get all that they think they want - and more.
Much more.

When the yet-to-come carbon taxes filter through the economy, and more and more businesses close down or move out of the country because of increased income and energy taxes and federally-mandated healthcare costs, and the inflation caused by the MASSIVE borrowing by the federal government this year reaches 10 percent a year in a year or two, and gas costs 5 or 6 dollars a gallon, and their home utility bills go up 50 percent, THEN we will see if they still like their messiah-president.

And if they don't, it may already be too late to go back to the good ol days of George Bush.
As bad as some thought his reign was, it was way better than the "change you can believe in" of Barack Husein Obama.

Sorry, suckers.

In God we trust.

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