Monday, December 08, 2008

The Saturday Run

It was very cold saturday for the Cotton Row course run.
According to the meter on my house, it was about 25 degrees.
I was wrapped in two breathable top layers with my wind layer on the outside.
My legs were snuggly inside of my tights (do not try to visualize this as it could result in cornea damage), and my wind pants.
Two pair of sox, wool mittens, and my modified blue Turtle Fur balaclava.

It turned out that there was virtually no wind so the top wind layer was not needed.
Start time was 6:00:25.

By mile two, I had all upper zippers down to allow breathing of the internal layers.
It was not quite enough.
I still got a bit too hot and made sweat.
The mittens came off in mile three.
The journey was surprisingly pleasant and I spent some time daydreaming and going to sleep during the first three.

As I was going down Bankhead Parkway an old problem presented itself again.
My left leg began to act like it did not want to perform it's assigned tasks any more.
There was no pain associated with this problem, just a sort of numbness made my leg feel sluggish and unresponsive.)
It became an effort for me to lift it and get the foot to come down in the same manner it had been doing for the last four miles.
It took special effort to get it to behave (lifting it higher, etc.)

But after a few seconds, it healed itself and things progressed in a normal manner.
I had another brief visit of the same problem in mile five and again near the end, in mile seven (past mile six...) [the "six-mile" course is technically 6.23 miles long]
In each case the problem went away after ten or twenty seconds.

My guess is that it is a precursor to Parkinson's disease or some such.
But it could be related to my occasional lower back problems, a pinched nerve bundle or some such.
But like I said, there was no actual pain before, during, or after the incident.

I crossed the line at 7:00:35.
I prolly could have beat the one hour time but I had to wait for traffic on California street and Clinton avenue (I hate it when that happens....).

The tax training continues.
If you have a question about your state or federal income taxes call me, send me an email, or call H&R Block for help. (this has been an unpaid advertising announcement.)

In spite of my Thanksgiving orgy of eating, I seem to have maintained my BF (body fat) level, or even reduced it a bit, as during my workout this morning, the blood pipes on my upper arms were showing off again.
This is good (if a little vain...) (pun?)
The goal now is to get them to show all the way up into my shoulders, like the contest boys (and girls) do.
That may take more strict eating discipline than I am willing to submit to.
Wee shall see.

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