Thursday, December 04, 2008

Briefly Dateup

The morning runs, walks, workouts are going well.
Tuesday's run was a bit nippy (it was about 30 degrees) but there was little of me that was not covered so I survived in good order.
Wednesday's walk was equally nippy (it was about 35 degrees) but I was properly equipped as well.

Dressing for walking and running requires some minor adjustments to my layers because I do not generate as much heat when I walk as I do when I run.

I tried a dressing/layering experiment for my Wednesday walk and was surprised at the result.
Instead of three lighter layers, I tried a single light inner layer and my fleece pull-over (about medium weight).
It worked just finely.
Those two layers were just enough to hold in my body heat and yet allow some air flow to keep me from overheating/sweating. (this same arrangement would not work as well if it had been windy, methinks.)

Tuesday, I started work for H&R Block.
I will be working at the office in the Sears store in Madison Square Mall, starting in January.
Most of my training until then will be at the office in Madison, near the Walmart.
And, out of the blue, I got a phone call from a friend of a friend, asking me a tax question.
So the word is already out, I guess.

And, sadly, let the Royal Chronicles record that the roasted turkey breast, cornbread dressing, sweet taders, and cranberry sauce are all gone.
So it is back to eating the SOS (same ol stuff) for the rest of my time here in the South.
WHICH.... shant be long....
In a little less than two weeks I will take my annual flight West to visit my sister and her family for the Christmas holiday. (which will include more turkey and pies, etc..... 8-P)
For that reason, this blog will hibernate for about three weeks while I frolic on the western coast and points nearby.
Postings will resume on or about January 9, 2009.
You've been warned....

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