Friday, December 05, 2008

I Very Dislike Winter

Yes, I know, it is not officially Winter yet.
That won't happen until the 21st or so. (Josh's birthday BTW...)

The outdoor thermometer read a balmy 26 degrees this morning at 5:20 AM.
My body was encased in triple layers of petroleum-derived plastic fabrics, and my head had a douple layer of similar material, for my Friday morning three-mile walk.
All except my mouth, nose and eyes.
Double socks on my feetees, and my thickest mittens on my hands.
It almost worked.

I did not take into account the lovely 10 MPH wind coming out of the north.
I am not sure what the wind chill was but my guess is that it was in the mid to upper teens.
Had I worn my wind layer on the outside rather than my fleece layer, things would have been about right, methinks.
Live and learn.
So now I am better educated.
But too late for this morning's festivities.

It was cool enough this morning that there was ice on the few remaining spots of standing water from yesterday's drizzle.

This is not to say that I was completely cold this morning.
It was just a few minutes off and on when the wind velocity increased enough to overcome the heat retaining ability of my upper breathable layers.
That did not happen the whole time I was walking.
My wind pants did exactly what they were supposed to do - block the wind.
And for half of the trip the wind was coming from behind me and did not affect me the same way it did when it was blowing in my (bare) face.
The new ski mask (as they are called) has all but eliminated the frozen chin syndrome that has afflicted me all these past winters.

Tomorrow is planned another traverse of the Cotton Row course.
The temperature will be about the same.
But when I run, I generate much more heat than when I walk, so coldness of body will be less of a problem.

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