Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Scrambled Up Schedule

This week's workout schedule is all messed up.
This is not a complaint, just a statement of facts.

The messedupness is because of the Pancake breakfast we had a church last Saturday.
(which was good, fun, and enjoyable)
I had to be there early enough that I did not have time to run at my "usual" time.
I chose not to run in the afternoon Saturday because of the traffic on my courses (no matter which one I chose).
Sooo.. I ran the Cotton Row circuit Sunday morning before church.
Which was nice (if a bit dark.).
See my previous post for details of that adventure.

Sunday morning is usually a walking day.
But I ran instead.
Monday is workout day - which I did, even though I was feeling tired from the run the day before.
(and had a surprisingly good result)
Today, Tuesday, is usually my mid-week running day.
But because of the run setback this past weekend, I decided to walk instead.
Which I did.
(Nobody but the yipping dog man out today.)

So, tomorrow, normally my walking day, I will run three miles.
That should get me sort of back on schedule.
Thursday is another weight workout day.
Then Friday walk, as per the usual pattern, and, bing! Saturday run as scheduled.
Back on track.

Part of the reason for the spacing and different forms of exercise is due to the ability (or lack of it) of my body to recover from certain forms of exercise.
Running takes a lot out of me, so I want to do something "light" the day after; hence the walking.
Weight lifting takes more out of me than walking, so I do it in between the other.

Because I run, walking is almost no effort for me at all.
I have to really walk fast to even get my heart rate and breathing up above resting level.
I walk mainly to burn a few calories.
With the amount of effort expended during my runs and weight workouts, walking hardly moves the effort needle off the pin.
But I am in the habit now - this is a good thing.
So I do it on my 'off' days.

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