Friday, October 03, 2008


It was really quiet this morning during my walk around the neighborhood.
So quiet that as soon as I got out on my street I heard the recorded trumpet on the arsenal playing reveille a mile away.
Soon after, I heard Our Guys hollering as they ran on the arsenal.

Other than the three cars that passed me, and the light traffic on Bob Wallace, it was like a ghost town.
Rin Tin Tin (not his real name) was up and barking again (he is a big German Shepherd that is usually sleeping when I pass, but yesterday he was busy defending his territory) for some reason, but was quiet when I passed.
The man with the yipping dogs was absent.
The man with the Shillelagh was absent.
Just the crickets and a few night birds were busy.

This is unusual for a Friday.
Often, Sunday morning walks are this dead, but not Fridays.
Usually, some folks who will lay out on other weekdays, will go to work on Friday because it is payday for many companies.
Not today, it seems.

It was on the edge of cold this morning - about 54 degrees.
For a the walk I dressed in long pants and long sleeves and mesh gloves.
It was just about right.
And about fifty minutes after I launched out, I was home with another three miles on my shoes.


This is to advise you that I will be unavailable tomorrow, Saturday, after the morning run and weekly shopping trip.
I will be in Athens, Alabama, attending the annual Tennessee Valley Old Time Fiddlers Convention.
I plan to be there from ten in the morning until eight or nine that evening.
Pictures will be taken (even though they may look like the pictures I have taken at this event the last two years (the only years that I have had a digital camera).

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