Monday, October 27, 2008


Bless his heart.
He just doesn't know how stupid he sounds sometimes.

Barack Husein Obama was speaking to some deluded citizens a couple of days ago and said something like this:

My opponent believes in "trickle down" economics.
That money given to the wealthy somehow trickles down to the middle class and the poor.
We no that is not how it works.
It never has.
Wealth grows from the bottom up.
Thats why we are proposing increasing taxes on the wealthy and giving tax cuts to the middle class.

Or words to that effect.

If you look at Senetor Osa.... Obama's logic for a moment, you will see an economic oxymoron. (to match the moron who said it.)
He makes fun of, so called "trickle-down" economics.
Saying that money from the "rich" does not move from the more wealthy to the less wealthy.
THEN he says that HE is going to take more money away from the "wealthy" (if he is elected, you will get a big surprise from who he considers "wealthy") than they are already paying and give it to the middle class in the form of tax "cuts".

So HE is going to give money to the less wealthy by taking it from the more wealthy.
So it seems that it is not that the trickle down principle does not work, he just has a problem with who is doing the trickling.
HE wants to do the trickling.


There is no such thing as "trickle Down" economic theory.
It is a media invention (imagine that...).
What really happens is that as wealth is created in an economic system, everyone who is taking part in the economy gains a little more wealth from it.
In dollars, the more wealthy make more that the less wealthy.
Percentage-wise, the less wealthy often gain more than the more wealthy.
But everyone gets something more over time.

It is a liberal/socialist illusion to think that taking money from the "rich" and giving it to the poor will help the poor become richer.
It does not.
It never has.
It never will.

Look at any socialist nation on this planet - The former U.S.S.R., China, Sweden, France, whatever, they never have eliminated poverty by redistribution of wealth.
In fact, when a person has no personal incentive to work in the hope of improving his/her lot in life, he/she just settles back into survival mode.
They work only as hard as they have to to keep the authorities off of their back.
Productivity goes down.
When productivity goes down, the whole economy slows down.

So, I predict that if Senator Osam .... Obama is elected President of the United States, and he attempts to implement his socialist agenda, it will not accomplish what he says the wants to accomplish.

In truth, what he REELEE wants to accomplish is to make you and me dependent on the federal government for at least part of our wealth, so that we will "hopefully" re-elect him.

So intent is he and his cohorts to "change" America, that I would not be surprised if this is the last Presidential election this nation sees.

Home schoolers. be warned.
You and your children are at risk, if the teachers unions get their man in place.

2 Thessalonians 2:10-12.....

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