Thursday, April 24, 2008

Update - Briefly

(The Rippingtons playing in the background.)

Sorry for the lack of new postings.
Work has picked up and we are working some overtime (which throws my little daily schedule off.)
I worked 10 hours today. (Thursday)
I am tired.

The run last Saturday was nice and average.
Meaning it was good.
I was a bit slower than I usually am, but I felt a bit tired (prolly from the extra work effort).
The temp was AGAIN right at 50, so I had to worry about dressing just right.
The weather person is predicting that this coming Saturday AM will start at near 60 degrees.
I know how I will be prepared for this session.
He is also predicting rain.
I may get wet but that is okay if it is warm enough.
Wee shall see.

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