Saturday, April 26, 2008

Here and There

Let the Royal Chronicles show that the flannel sheets have been removed from the Royal bed, cleaned and packed away for the rest of the warm season.


Today was a slog.
The physical effort at work this week (lots of sitting/lying on the floor doing isometric twisting crunches while installing equipment and cables) plus the extra hours, has left me very tired.
So, today was expected to be a difficult time.
But I was determined, if at all possible, to run.

With all the climbing in an out of the shelter being equipped, and the getting up and down on the floor and the scooting back and forth on the floor to get to where I need to be to reach where I must reach, my knees are whining about being twisted too much.
One or the other (or both of them) squeaked with almost every step I took while walking this week.

I have learned that joint distress while walking does not necessarily translate into distress while running, and today was no exception.
There was very little knee whining this morning.
This is mostly because I run in a very linear manner.
I have been told that I look “smooth” when I am running.
(I don't know how much of that is just something nice/encouraging to say and how much of it is honest assessment. One such comment came during a race from a lady who did not know me.)

I started out with the idea that I will see how I feel at the point where I proceed to the four-mile course or follow the three-mile course.
By the time I arrived at said point, it was clear that I should take the lesser route lest I break something.
Id or Ego (whichever it is) and the runner in me were disappointed in my choice but my knees were thrilled.
They were not feeling twisted from the run, but were tired and achy nontheless.
I finished the three-mile jaunt in about 30 minutes.

Not a good time, but the session was useful in elevating my endorphin levels for the rest of the day.
And for bragging rights, just to say that I had run this day.

And the weather (finally!) was perfect (well, almost. Less humidity would be even perfecter) for running.
Minimal clothing made for a more pleasant time of it.


The “Reverend” Jeremiah Wright is wrong.
He is not a man of God.
He is a racist bigot.
His hatred for anyone white and/or wealthy is clear.

He was the subject of an interview this week.
His claim that the portion of his sermon was “taken out of context” is absurd.
What other context can you put such complete sentences of class envy, racial hatred, and disdain for this country, than that in which they were spoken?
He said what he said on the YouTube segment.
What other way are we to interpret those statements?
That he thinks “rich, white folks” are the cause of the problems for his congregation is stupid.
That all “rich white folks” are racists? (whatever that means exactly)
That all “rich white folks” hate all other citizens of this country who have darker skin?
Get over it, Wrighty.
You are just a two-bit opportunist preacher like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, with shorter hair.

John McCain visited New Orleans this week and told the news folks that it was the fault of the Bush administration that such a tragedy took place there (meaning the flood after the hurricane).
He did not mention that the Governor of the state or the Mayor of the city are/were incompetent jerks who should be held criminally liable for all of the deaths in that city.
The evacuation plan for the city of New Orleans was not implemented.
There was a total failure of local and state leadership and planning.
But RINO McCain did not mention any of this.
He just flapped his jaw with the same garbage that all the other democrats say/have said.

Mr. McCain may have served his country honorably in the military, but he is a useless, incompetent airbag of a politician.
I believe that duplication of such nonsense as was presented today could allow him to lose this presidential election.
At this point it is his to lose.
I am not convinced that it would be a bad thing except that the alternate choice would be a little worse.
No matter who wins the White House, with the congress in the hands of the socialist/liberal/democrats the next four - or God forbid, eight – years, it will be some of the worst times this country has ever experienced, and may materially hasten the destruction of this nation as we have known it.

If you needed any further evidence that the solution to our energy problems is with the government, notice the rise in the cost of corn products in the grocery store.
It is the direct result of subsidies paid by the federal government to companies that process corn for making ethanol.
Ethanol is NOT the answer -even in the short term – to the alleged energy problem this country is experiencing.
And congress passing stupid laws only adds to the problem, such as it is.
They have increased the CAFE fuel economy standards to 35 mpg by 2015 or so, like that will solve anything.

Maybe congress should just pass a law suspending the laws of physics for a while.
Then we could all fly to work by flapping our arms.

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