Tuesday, March 04, 2008

More Travel Pichers

Sorry for the delay in new postages.
I have been busy with other stuff (finishing touches on the bathroom that is supposed to be "finished", extended emails with someone with some problems, building some furniture for the church sound room, etc.)
Notwithstanding, here are some more images from my latest visit to Oregon.

Just to give you an idea how things can change at the coast, these first two pictures (yes, I can spell it correctly) were taken within thirty minutes of each other.
As yoo kan see, the sky went from grey/cloudy to blue/sunny in just a few minutes.

When it looked like the rain was stopping and the sun was coming out, we quickly got our stuff together and jumped in the truck.

One of the places that we wanted to see was Cape Perpetua.
This was taken from the state park there.
The place were we took our pictures is about 800 feet above the ocean.
What you cannot see is that the wind was blowing about 45 miles and hour.
It was so strong that it nearly blew us off our feet as we tried to take pictures like this one.

Here is Devin after taking a picture from were my previous shot was taken.

Here is a slightly adjusted shot of the clouds and waves.
They were really putting on a show for us because of the powerful wind.

More to come....

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