Saturday, March 15, 2008

Another Good Run and Some Opinions


The temperature this morning was 52 degrees.
There was a light breeze.
Nice enough for abbreviated clothing (it is a large bother to me to have to figure out exactly what to wear for cold weather running – wear too much and I get hot and sweaty, wear too little and I am cold – or parts of me are cold. And when I am cold, I feel stiff and inflexible, which limits my running form, which increases the potential for injury. I do not like injuries.)
Got all that?
Thus, no gloves, no long pants, no tights, no double socks, no neck warmer, no ear cover.

Anyway, I managed to insert my run in between two thunderstorms.
The first was about 3-4 AM, the second arrived at about 8 AM.
I did not see the first one – only heard some of it.
The second one was a dandy with lots of lightning and boom booms.
In between 6 AM and 7 AM, it was a pleasant time on the roads.
At least , most of me thought so.

My left hamstring started whining early into the first mile.
Before long, my left hip joined in.
I think all this was leftovers from my weight workout on Thursday.
I pounded the stuffings out of me in that session.
I must have been more productive than I estimated.
No matter.
Running Central took note of the complaints and filed them away.
The Coach in me said, shut up and run.
The runner in me said, these minor complaints will not diminish the pleasure of this session.
And onward we went.
The joint complaints moderated to a nearly inaudible level for the rest of the journey.

I was feeling so frisky at the end that I sprinted (such as I can at my advanced age) to the finish line crack.
It was only then, as I started walking, that my hammy and hip began to complain rather loudly.
My hip was so distressed that it threatened to cause my left leg to collapse.
But this did not happen.

All in all, it was a good session.


I was pleased to see the resignation of Elliot Spitzer, Governor of New York.
I was never impressed in a positive way with his pursuit of financial executives when he was Attorney General of the state of New York.
He ruined the career and reputation of several individuals who were not guilty of violating any laws.
And he was a Democrat.
I like it when pompous, self-righteous politicians, who try to like to tell Republican/conservative/Christian people that they cannot legislate morality, are caught in moral compromises of their own making.
An ongoing relationship with prostitutes speaks many negative things about the man, his marriage, his morality, and his hypocrisy.
It also makes his crusade against Wall Street executives seem even more despicable.
I feel sorry for his wife and children.

Barack Hussein Obama

How interesting to hear the blasphemous, anti-American, irreverent comments of the Senator's pastor, “Reverend” Jeremiah Wright, in a sermon from a couple of years back.
While Mr. Osa... Obama is currently in the process of “distancing” himself from his pastor of 20 years, the mud has been flung and it is stuck on the candidate.
Interestingly, Rev. Wright was on the staff of the Obama campaign as an advisor – until today.
He has been fired.
Mr. Osa...Obama says that he “still respects” Rev. Wright.

I have some questions -

Why does Senator Osam.... Obama respect Rev. Wright if he believes such things about this nation?

If Senator Osam.... Obama does not subscribe to the anti-American views of Rev. Wright, what views of Rev. Wright does Mr. Osa.... Obama support?

If the comments of Rev. Wright were reflective of his feelings when he spoke them in 2001 (or whenever), does he still subscribe to those opinions today?

And if he does not embrace such views today, when did he change his mind?

And if he did change his opinions, what are his views on America now?

And if the Rev. Wright did change his opinions about America, when did he announce such changes in a forum equivalent to that in which he made his original proclamations?

And if the Rev. Wright has NOT changed his opinion about America, WHY is he an advisor to a candidate for the Presidency of the United States of America?

What could this man, with opinions thus stated, possibly contribute to a candidate whose sworn oath is to defend and support the Constitution of the United States of America?

I submit that where will be no satisfactory answers to these questions.

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