Friday, February 22, 2008

Christmas Trip Pichers

Back in January, I promised that I would post some of the pichers I took during my trip to visit my sister in Oregon.
Herewith are some of them.

A note of explanation - Oregon receives most of its weather from the north Pacific ocean.
For this reason, it is often cool/cold wet/rainy/snowy in the winter.
Most days are cloudy.
Sunshine is the exception.
It rains almost every day.
Sometimes for five minutes, sometime all day (or night).
The Oregon coast area is similarly afflicted.
Sooooo, most of the pictures have a boring (to my taste) gray look.

This was the sunrise over Huntsville the morning I left.

Three thousand miles away, this is a close-up (sort of) of Mount St. Helens as we descended through the clouds to land in Portland.

Every year I put my camera on auto and snap a picture of all of us just before we open our presents on Christmas Eve.
This is the latest iteration.

This does not show it as well as the video I made but here I am standing in the falling snow.
It was about 35 degrees and thus, too warm for the snow to stick.

Another tradition of our Christmas visit is my sister makes a giant apple pie.
The pie dish is about twelve inches across and the apples are piled about five inches deep.
Believe me, this is a wonderful pie. ;9

More pichers to come soon.

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