Saturday, February 09, 2008


Let the Royal Chronicles show that at 1:20 PM on this day the Royal Bathroom project was completed. (well, mostly)
There are still a few details to be dealt with.
The trim around the door is not yet installed or painted and there are a few places that need a paint touch-up (a Q-tip will do the job).
But the hardest and most complex issues are done (tub, pottee, vanitee/sink).
Call it 95 percent done.
I am veree hapee with my new facilities.


The morning jog was pleasant if not fun.
I felt a bit more tired than I would have liked.
I am looking forward to extending this jaunt to four miles sometime soon.
Today, I did not feel up to the extra distance/time.

The temperature was a balmy 43.
I opted for two layers on top and two on the bottom (plus running shorts) (TMI?)
This plus ear cover and my new white polyester knit gloves proved to be just right for the journey.
The white gloves make me look like an usher in a Black church. (ha!)

This being some 59 days past the Winter Solstice, there is now enough light across the sky to allow easier observation of one's path both at the beginning and the end.
This makes for more relaxed running.


I was disappointed to see Mitt Romney end his run for the Republican nomination for President.
As imperfect a conservative as he was, he was our last best representative of conservative values in this race. (Ron Huckabee and Ron Paul are still in, but they stand virtually no chance of getting the nomination.)
I could have tolerated Mr. Romney as President. (or Mr. Paul, for that matter)
I am suspicious of Mr. Huckabee.

Senator McCain is now the likely Republican nominee.
I will not vote for this man.
He is a RINO (Republican In Name Only)
The news networks are reporting that he is now going around trying to say the “right” things to woo conservatives to support him.
But this will not work for me.

He has already spoken to me.
And he has said all the wrong things.

He said the wrong things to me when he and Ted (Chappaquiddick) Kennedy tried to sneak an amnesty bill for illegal aliens through the Senate last year.

He said the wrong things to me when he and Linsey Graham tried to limit the methods our people could use when interrogating terrorists.

He said the wrong things to me when he joined with Democrat Russ Finegold to limit our first amendment freedom of speech in the name of “campaign finance reform”.

He said the wrong things to me when he opposed the Bush tax cuts seven years ago and again five years ago.

He said the wrong things to me when he supported the liberal fiction of man-induced global warming.

He said the wrong things to me when he joined all the congressional liberals and opposed oil production in the Alaskan National Wildlife Refuge.

Therefore.... (takes a breath) I will not vote for this man.

Some might say, but what if Hillary gets in?
And I say, what's the difference between them?


Anonymous said...

Man you need to do some research if you can't tell the difference between Hillary and McCain. Also Gov. Huckabee did not evolve to conservatism (ie flipflop) like Gov. Romney did. In any case, you are right in that unless an act of God occurs, Senator McCain will be the republican nominee. And even though I don't like him for the same reasons you don't, at least he is right on the war on terror and abortion. Even Romney was wrong on abortion and Paul was more than wrong on the war on terror. It will be an easy choice to vote against Hillary or Obama, even if it means voting for McCain. Look at their websites and speeches and you will know what I mean.

J. No said...

If we vote for John McCain, I believe we are sending the wrong message to the Republican party.

I know that a vote for Ron Paul (or anyone else) has a snowball's chance of helping but at least if Hitler-y Clinton* or Barack Hussein Obama get in office and the country collapses we will be all but guaranteed a conservative in 2012.

* I know Hillary is nowhere near as bad as Hitler but it's still fun to call her that.


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