Saturday, October 13, 2007

Many Busynesses

Last Saturday started off at rather warm – about 70 degrees.
I started my weekly run at exactly 6:00 AM and ended it at 6:41:35.
I was motivated, but unsure about my strength, as I often am, these days.
The session was largely uneventful.
No body complaints other than some faint whining from my left hamstring upper attachment area in med-mile three, and a similar signal from the lower attachment of the same muscle group.
These quiet points of distress were duly noted by Running Central and monitored for the duration of the party.
Nothing further developed.
I finished with good strength, but nothing extra, as is my normal circumstance these days.

Then it was off to the 41st Annual Tennessee Valley Old Time Fiddlers Convention in Athens, Alabama, as has been my habit for several years.

I saw many of the same folks there – both as competitors and spectators.
It seemed to me that there were slightly fewer groups of musicians than last year, but the number of spectators was close to 20 percent more, judging by the spread of chairs.
People had spread their seats fifty feet back into the vendor area by late afternoon.
The day was hot – 85 degrees or so – and it was a welcome change when the shade of the big trees behind my seating position finally blocked the sun.
Fortunately, I remembered to apply sunscreen to my arms and face so I did not get a burn (as I did last year).

I saw several of the saints from Morgan City during the day and evening.
We visited briefly then went on about our listening/watching.
It was good to see some of my old friends again.

I miss having someone to share this event with.
In days gone by, it was the Wingates.
I always enjoyed the varied interests that each of them brought to the group.
It was both exciting and frustrating when the kids were competing.
Each of them did well, but often placed lower than I thought they should have.
Certainly that was some of my friend-of-the-family prejudice showing.
Imagine that.

I took several pictures this year, though not as many as I did last year.
In addition, I took some video with my camera.
I had to play them on my Window$ machine because the camera takes video in .avi format, a proprietary Microsoft format.
But the picture and sound came out good.
One reason I took the videos was to show how close the groups were to each other, and yet how isolated the sound of each group was.

When I get inspired I will post some of the pictures.
I have no idea how to post the videos.

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