Saturday, October 27, 2007

Catching Up


The run last Saturday was another good one.
There were no physical problems or environmental issues (other than it was cold).
While there was very little to add at the end (an artifact from my racing days) I tried to give all I had for the “big ending”.
I meant to log this event in this space earlier in the week but the time just got away.
So I do it now, tardily.


The run today was yet another good session.
I started out a 5:59 and ended at 6:40:55.
It was cold – 45 degrees.
I hate winter. (Yes, I know it's not officially winter yet but it is as cold as)
I wore my “long-john” leggings and two tops – one of them long-sleeved, and my ear cover.
My gardening gloves completed my costume.
I found that I gauged my temperature/heat production quite well.
I did not have to take off my gloves until early in mile three.
Then just holding them in my fists was enough to keep my hands warm.

During the whole run, a tendon on the inside of my left knee kept squeaking about some minor distress.
It never became more than just a little reminder “I'm here”.
In the last half mile my left hip began to whine.
Something about excessive use or somesuch.
Running Central registered the complaint but did nothing.

The last quarter mile was taken over by the runner in me.
I do not know why he came back but the old race horse in me took over.
In spite of feeling tired and a bit “out of breath” (a poor description for accelerated breathing), there was a strong desire to pour out the last drips of Steevee juice on the race course.
I gave it everything I had those last few hundred feet right up to the finish line crack in the parking lot.

Then it was off to the store and the next project for the day – a new back door.
There are no windows in my kitchen.
I miss being able to look out and see the trees and sunshine.
Prolly some low-level claustrophobia.
Anyway, I decided early in my time in my little house to replace the nice steel backdoor (which had a 1/8th inch peep hole for a window) with a nice door with windows in it.

Two weeks ago I bought the new door.
Today I took out the old door and put in the new.

I still need to install the trim around the inside and outside, but it is firmly anchored and ready for use.

After waiting so long for a view, I now have to get used to seeing light in that space.

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