Thursday, October 04, 2007

Incrimental Addition

Let the royal chronicles record that this week I saw all of my four offsprings.
I visited with Cathi on Wednesday for a few minutes (first time since July 4).
And, this afternoon, Jef (n Sam, Zack, and Bradley), and Tim, and Josh, ALL came to my humble abode for visits.
Tim came first.
And while he was yet speaking, Jef arrived, and while he was yet speaking, Josh arrived.

I was allowed to inspect/approve of Josh's new glasses and tooth patches.
Jef shared various tidbits of his life.
Tim also shared details of his recent past as well as the latest pictures of his offspring posted on his MySpace site.

A pleasant time was had by all.


JeniBeans said...

Your grand-daughter was there too. =)

Anonymous said...

Shoulda took a picture of them and posted on here!


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