Tuesday, March 20, 2007


"Update" is a stupid word.
"Up" means above a given position, or a higher position from a lower one, a numerical increase, or movement in a direction toward a goal.
"Date" is a designator of a place in the time continuum.
Technically, the term should indicate an increase in the date.
In practice, it has nothing to do with the date/time itself.
What the term most commonly refers to is changes in information since the last time information on the same subject was announced/released/disseminated.

It came from the industrial segment of our world where the men (the world of business is primarily a man's domain) have to have important-sounding words to describe normal/mundane events and processes.
Perhaps rather than saying update, we should say "incremental addition to previously accumulated information."

Let the chronicles show that today I mowed my little patch of grass, lopping off many of the pretty little wild flower blooms in the process.
In addition, I am 87.3 percent certain that this will be my last week to have my flannel sheets on my bed.
And I may take off my nice new Pendleton wool blanket, as well.

So, you may be wondering, why did I use "update"?
Because I think it is a stupid word.

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