Saturday, March 03, 2007


I am pleased to announce that my new computer has arrived.
In addition, openSUSE Linux 10.2 has successfully been installed on the new computer.
I am writing this on OpenOffice Writer.
Let the chronicles show that openSUSE installed without a hitch.
If I had not had to download three CDs worth of files it would have installed in about 30 minutes.
As it was, it took about four hours.
But most of that was internet time downloading about 3 gigabytes of data.
After the install program got everything working, it went on line and looked for updated versions of the files it had installed.
There were 66 of them.
With my permission, it downloaded the updated versions of those file/applications and installed them.
So, today I am up to date with the latest software.
The file update program is seriously smooth.
I am very happy.
As soon as I get my Window$ files transferred to my new machine, I can pull the plug on my Window$ box.
I will have to see if I can get Quick Verse to work on my Linux box.

With four fans running from my two computers (they are both on now) my office/bedroom sounds like Google's server farm.

More details later. :)

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