Wednesday, October 25, 2006

World Champion Pancake

Presented for your edification and envy is a picture of the pancake that I usually make for myself each Sunday morning before church.
As you can see, it is large enough that I only need one.
It could be described as a whole wheat, buttermilk, spice pancake, which includes Nutmeg, Cinnimon, and cloves.
It contains no sugar or oil (the pan is oiled).
It is very tasty.


Anonymous said...

Looks good, except I would need more than one. Unless you throw in some eggs and sausage.

Anonymous said...

what do you top it with? just margarine? I usually make a ton of pancakes when I make them, and with sugar and cinnamon and vanilla. There are enough left over that I can snack on them later in the afternoon when I get hungry. I like them cold and squishy from the melted butter.

But when I eat mine HOT, they get topped with buttery syrup!


Paw said...

I cannot imagine anyone eating more than one of these.
It is very thick - almost one inch.
There are already two eggs in it.
Sausage would be yummy, but would increase the calories by about x3.

I do not use butter/margarine on it.
Sometimes I top it with (REAL) maple syrup, or blackberry jam.

Anonymous said...

It was not evident in the picture that it was almost an inch thick. It does sound good though. I would probably put some smuckers sugar free syrup on it. In any case, as far as the way I would feel afterwards, I would be better off with the eggs and sausage and no pancake. My blood sugar would be less affected. Of course, you better be doing some work or exercise to burn of the fat calories.

Paw said...

You are correct in that the picture of this delightful concoction does not adequately present its magnificent depth, texture, and delectable flavor.
I prolly should have cut a slice out of it to better show the thickness.

As far as calories are concerned, fat calories - of which this recipe has few - are the same as carbohydrate calories, which are the same as protein calories.
Calories is calories.

I do as you recommend, however, and vigorously praise the Lord after I eat one of them.


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