Monday, October 16, 2006

Bishop Appreciation Poem

This past Sunday was Appreciation Day for our Pastor and his wife.
In preparation for this event, the sister organizing the festivities asked me to present a poem.
I was a bit taken aback by the task, but agreed to come up with "something."
I had no idea what that "something" would be.
I did a quick search of the internet to see what was out there to serve as the whole presentation or a spark for an original compostion.
I found only one poem that even came close to usable in my specific application.
One stanza of the poem made reference to a scripture which provide a spark for a method of constructing an original poem.
Several scriptures came to mind and I jotted them down.
Then I began building stanzas around the verses.
The next thing I knew, I had a poem.
God just used my computer and helped the words flow.
Here it tiz....

Watchman, watchman, what of the night?
The scriptures ask of thee
If dangers creep around in darkness
Who will stand to see?

Who will sound the alarm
When evil sneaks around the camp?
We need a watchman who will use
The word of God as a lamp.

The master said he would supply
Shepherds after his own heart
Who with knowledge will feed his flock
and understanding impart.

Taking heed to all the flock
Which the spirit has placed him over
Our bishop feeds us with the word
To strengthen each family member.

He that would be great among us
Must be the servant of all
And we rejoice to have such a one,
Our Pastor, heeding the Master’s call.

God gave the gift of pastoring
To equip the saints for service,
To edify the body of Christ
And to unity guide us.

Our pastor with a love for God
And for the souls of men
Calls to those lost around us
Be saved from this twisted generation.

Our pastors wife, a faithful helper
On whom we can rely
With love and faith she stands beside
The man of God we prize

What a blessing to be fed
On God’s word each time we meet
That taking heed, we grow thereby
And someday our Savior we will greet.

Pastor John and Sister Joan
We love you for your care for us
May God bless both of you
And encourage you in his service.

Watchman, watchman, what of the night?
Is there one who will stand?
Yes, and what a blessing to be cared for
By our shepherd’s loving hand.


Anonymous said...

This is beautiful.
Can I use this for my pastor?

Paw said...

Thank you.


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