Tuesday, September 05, 2006

"Stranger In This House" - (apologies to Ronnie Milsap)

When I tell folks that I live alone, that is only partially true.
As you see, I have "others" who share my humble abode.
Every once in a while they come out to visit me.
I am rather unfriendly to some of them - call it prejudice, profiling - whatever.
I just prefer to not associate with some of my house-mates.
And, I must confess, I am violent at times.
I have killed several of my house-mates and sent their corpses to both the local water treatment facility and the local landfill.
I am sure that the "little" creatures mean no harm and are simply doing what comes naturally to them.
But I, in my prejudice, am not open to discourse with them.
And while I am not really "afraid" of them, I experience a certain revulsion that outweighs my normally docile and friendly nature.
And thus, I attack - irrationally, with no apology, with premeditation and intent to inflict lethal bodily harm.
As evidenced here, I have dispached another individual to the great arthropodial resting place out there.

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J. No said...

Amazing! He died right next to a rulermaking ever so convenient to determine his length!


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