Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Signs of the Coming Season

I hate to see this.
Leaves on the ground.
It means that the nice hot weather is soon to end and the cold, grey, windy weather is about to begin. I very dislike winter.
I did not understand this for many years.
And I did not understand why.
But now I know.
See, the days get short in the winter.
Thus, it becomes dark earlier in the "day".
So, at 4:00 PM it is dark and it makes you feel that it is later in the day.
As if you worked overtime and missed all the sunlight, when you really did not.
It is a sykological issue, but it affects many peepul (mee included) this way.
Some peepul even become depressed during winter.
I don't really get depressed.
I just get sleepy and eat a lot of soup. :)

On the subject of leevs, I have a pet peev.

This is the back of my little house.
For sum reeson leaves like to pile up right in front of my back door.
Note that there are no leaves in front of the left glass door which does not open.
Just in front of the right glass door which does open. B-(
Obvioulsy this is a function of some aerodynamic attribute of my door frame or something.
I have yet to figure it out but I shall and build a deflector to cause the leaves to pile somewhere else.

And sum daa soon I will explaan too yoo mii plan for changing the english spelling ruls to a fonetic system.
It will maak spelling so much eezeer.

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