Saturday, August 19, 2006


In doing some research for my upcoming trip out west at the end of December, I came across the following:

Due to their size Bass Fiddles are not accepted in the coach cabin and are only accepted on certain aircraft types...

Antlers Must be as free of residue as possible. The skull must be wrapped and tips protected. $80 extra charge.

This is good to know as I ponder the items that I may want to take with me on my journey.

It is also interesting to note that I can take a screwdriver with me on board, but not water.

One more thing.

Do you think I would have any problems getting on a plane if I wore a head scarf and had several plastic bags of brown sugar stuffed in my pockets?

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Daniela Anicic said...

Lol...the whole saga has become quiet interesting for travellers!!

It is also a paradox though...funny on one hand but very serious on the other...

I like the qoute about's really wonderful and makes so much sense, yet how often do we folow it - especially when everything is 'go, go, go' and 'do this, do that'...

Great blog pAW


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