Sunday, August 06, 2006

One More Thought About Apple

Since Apple computer has changed to Intel chips in their computers - just like PCs - their operating system now works with Intel chips - just like PC's.
Apple's market share of the total computer market is right at 2.3%. (that leaves 97.7% for sombody else)

If Apple would release their operating system so that it would run on ANY Intel/AMD PC, they could double their market share in a year or two and prolly increase it to 10 or 20 percent (or more) in four or five years.

But Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple Computer, is a megalomaniac. He is obsessed with keeping Apple "unique" in the world of computers. This obsession has cost him BILLIONS of dollars over the years. Now that his operating system is compatible with the hardware that runs 90+% of the computers in the world (instead of the other way around), he is within inches of being able to sell his (superior) operating system to millions of potential buyers. But he won't do it.

Rich people frustrate me sometimes.

Ultimately, Apple is doomed to failure. I don't expect to see it in its present form in 10 years.

Keep the 180.

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