Wednesday, August 16, 2006

If What A Prophet Says Comes True.....

On August 2, 2006 yers trooly posted on his blog the following -

Last week, AMD bought ATI.
What do you want to bet that in a future generation AMD multicore CPU, one of the cores will be a dedicated graphics processor.
You saw it here first.

Tooday, I found the following on -Josh are yoo watching - Digg.

AMD-ATI to make a GPU on a CPU

Or a CPU on a GPU

By Fuad Abazovic: Tuesday 15 August 2006, 08:13

ENGINEERS from AMD and ATI companies are going to start working on a unified chip that will have GPU and CPU on a same silicon. We learned this from high ranking sources close to the companies, more than once.

Don’t get too excited as it will take at least eighteen months to see such a dream come true.

This is the ultimate OEM chip, as it will be the cheapest way to have the memory controller, chipset, graphics function and CPU on a single chip. This will be the ultimate integration as will decrease the cost of platform and will make even cheaper PCs possible.

CPUs are being shrunk to a 65 nanometre process as we speak and the graphics guys are expected to migrate to this process next year. The graphics firms are still playing with 80 nanometre but will ultimately go to 65 nanometre later next year.

DAAMIT engineers will be looking to shift to 65 nanometre if not even to 45 nanometre to make such a complex chip as a CPU/GPU possible.

We still don’t know whether they are going to put a CPU on a GPU or a GPU or a CPU but either way will give you the same product. ยต

Lest you think I made this up the above can bee found at...

I will attempt to remain humble.....


JeniBeans said...

so, not only are you using bad words IN CAPS (ha)in your post, but your source is the INQUIRER?

are you one-a-those tabloid-at-the-checkout readers then? :-/

Paw said...

I apologize for the unfortunate acronym.

It stands for AMD and ATI with the letters rearranged.

The Inquirer here is NOT the same as the super market tabloid.

J. No said...

Diggers unite!

Paw said...



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