Monday, April 25, 2011

The Ideal World Obama and his Friends want for you

While this view of our society has not been presented to the public in this detail, it has been presented in portions here and there by those who support Mr. Obama's socialist view. Some readers may object to some items in this list as undocumented, but rest assured, they have been published in proposed legislation or articles written by his supporters or current cabinet members.

In the society that Mr. Obama and his friends want you to live in, many choices you are free to exercise today, would not be available to you.

Easily half of your income would go to the federal, state, county, or city governments.
Taxes will be everywhere.
There will be a tax on your income,
a tax on your savings accounts,
a tax on things you buy,
a tax on things you sell,
a tax on every financial transaction you make,
a tax on things you own,
a tax on your electricity,
a tax on your house gas,
a tax on your internet,
a tax on your TV cable,
a tax on your phone line or cellphone,
a tax on your sewer line,
a tax on how much water your use,
a tax on the gasoline you use in your car,
a tax on the oil you use in your car,
a tax on the tires you buy for your car,
and tax on the size and kind of car you drive.
(You may notice that you already pay many of these taxes.)

In return, you would receive many requirements from various levels of government that would control many activities you participate in now.

You could receive medical care from government offices.
This medical care would be rationed by the government based on your age, the cost of the particular procedure requested, and limited facilities available to provide the requested procedure.
You might request a particular surgical operation but the government may only allow you to receive a drug to “control” the problem.
You would have no choice in how much you pay for you medical care – the cost would be controlled by a board of bureaucrats in washington DC.
You would not have a choice about whether to pay your medical care tax or not.
If you do not pay it, you will be fined.

For those who can afford it, dozens of free-enterprise-based medical communities will have developed along the southern border of the United States in Mexico.
This reactive free-enterprise zone will populated by thousands of American doctors and staff, who offer virtually any procedure or treatment needed by their mostly-American clientele.
This phenomenon will be matched by other similar medical communities in other nearby Latin-american and Caribbean countries for the same purpose.

You could build a new house, but where and how would be closely controlled.
Federal regulations would dictate the type of toilets, the size and placement of windows and doors, the type and size of heating and air conditioning equipment, the amount and type of insulation you could install, the type of materials and paint you could install.
Federal regulations may limit the colors you may choose to paint the outside of your house.

Most people will live in government-controlled apartments or houses.
Most landlords will be put out of business by government-mandated requirements for “fair housing” or “energy efficiency”.

Your utilities will be controlled by the government.
If your house, on a hot or cold day, uses more electricity than the government deems proper, it can turn off your electricity for whatever period of time it dictates.
If you use more water than the government has determined is appropriate for your size house or family, it can turn off your water for the rest of the day.
The government will tell you when you may operate your clothes dryer, washer and other appliances.
If you own an older house, the government will specify the type of windows, insulation, heating/AC, and appliances it must have before you will be allowed to sell it.
The owner will be required to bear the cost of these required improvements.
Wood-burning stoves would be illegal – even in mountain cabins in remote locations.

Most of your electricity will come from wind-driven power-generating machines or solar conversion farms.
On windless or cloudy days, electricity will be rationed.
The cost of this “green” electricity will be three to four times what it is today.
Coal-fired power plants will be shut down or used only as back-up when the “green” machines cannot meet power demand.
No new coal-fired power-generating plants will be built.
(But the United States will export coal to other nations of the world who seek it.)
No new nuclear-based power generating plants will be built in the United States.
(But Canada and Mexico will build both coal-fired and nuclear-based power-generating plants near our borders, and sell the power to the U.S.)

Domestic oil production will be reduced to a trickle because of restricted drilling license requirement.
Most gasoline will be imported from the middle east or other countries.
Gasoline will cost $10 to $20 a gallon.
Most people will not own cars or trucks.
Busses or trains will move most people in larger cities.
The number of car companies will be reduced by half as will the number of models each company markets.
Cars will be reduced in size and power to meet increasingly stringent fuel economy requirements.
Cross-country travel by personal vehicle will be reduced to half of what it is today or less.

Air travel will be limited to only the most wealthy.
Many airports will be shut down, or reduced to cargo-only terminals.

Because of the heavy tax burden, unemployment will be a massive 25-30 percent.
Because of the large proportion of people unemployed and living in government-controlled housing, crime will be rampant.
Drug distribution and ethnic gangs will control certain areas of cities and towns.
Since personal gun ownership will have been made illegal, only criminals will possess guns.
Jails and prisons will be overflowing with criminals.
Assaults, rapes and murders will be a daily occurrence in many cities and towns.
Gated communities with armed guards will be a common feature of many cities and towns.

Government schools will be reduced to unionized baby-sitting facilities.
Learning will be relegated to a second priority after safety for the few remaining students.
Drug use, sexual promiscuity, open homosexuality, gangs and bullying will overwhelm public school systems.
With little disposable income, most parents will have no choice but to subject their children to the diminished instructional value and personal insecurity of the public school systems.
Private schools will be taxed and required to teach government-mandated curriculum, devised by the teachers unions.
These same public teachers unions will have prevailed upon federal and state legislative bodies to outlaw home school organizations and/or require the inclusion of government-mandated curriculum, to include state-controlled testing to ensure that the state-mandated subject matter was presented.

But this scenario will not last for long.
The shear magnitude of the cost of the government-run programs and the ever-shrinking economy will combine to produce a massive collapse of the American economy by 2020.

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