Friday, April 01, 2011

American Negrocentrism

Lately I was impressed with how many laws, social customs, legal and financial elements in contemporary American society have been affected by the minority Negro population here. To be more precise, many practices and processes of American society have been altered from a normal color-blind pattern of operation, based on the merits of each individual transaction, to an unbalanced distorted process imposed either by government or certain groups in society to avoid possible discrimination against those members of society with dark skin. This has caused an opposite effect where many operations and processes are openly tilted to favor the negro minority in this country.

Let me say up front that it is true that in times past, the negro population of this country has been treated poorly by some elements of the white population. Sadly, this was true even into the 1970's. Most of the black people who came to the United States in the first 100 years or so of our history did not come here by choice. Or at least, did not arrive here with the same freedom to choose their destiny that most of the caucasian population did.

Most of them were shipped here as slaves – as property – to be bought and sold by their owners, as they would a mule or shovel. Some slave owners were horribly cruel to their slaves, others were more kind, most were somewhere in between. There are plenty of stories of all types to document these statements.

But let's put some things in perspective. Slavery is not unique to the United States in the 1700 to mid-1800's. Slavery is nearly as old as mankind. It is a fact of history that the stronger of two families/clans/tribes/societies/nations will sometimes subjugate the weaker. It was happening before the United States came into existence. It is happening now around the world in various places. And Negros are not the only race being subjugated, then or now. In many cases, it has been African groups who enslaved other Africans.

Thus, the negro slavery experience in the United States was no better or worse than that of many other people in other places or times. This is not meant to diminish the inhumanity of it, but to provide some balance to a subject that has been distorted and perpetuated beyond its reality.

None of this is stated to diminish the repugnant circumstances that slavery entails. It is repulsive to me now and has been since I learned of it as a child. This was generally true in early America as well. Most Americans were not comfortable with the institution of slavery in their territory and many worked diligently to end it. Elections were won or lost because of the issue, laws were passed in new territories and states to prohibit its spread outside of the southern states. But it took a war to force an end to the social and economic system that had developed in the south. And in one sense, the social and economic wounds of the period of slavery in the United States have never healed. We are living with them to this day. Hence, this paper.

Basically, many customs of society and policies of governments in the United States revolve around the negro minority in this nation. The lingering white guilt over our past regional experiment with slavery has caused policies and customs of our entire nation to revolve around our relatively small negro population. In a real sense, this residual guilt and constant remembrance has stood American society on it head.

Consider this: when one buys a house, part of the transaction is a government-mandated certification by the lender that it did not discriminate in its selection process because the skin color of the applicant. This is done to force banks to provide loans to some people who cannot afford to pay them back or, if governed strictly by rules of prudent risk evaluation, would not be given a loan in the amount requested. But banks were forced to do this under threat that their charters would not be renewed by federal regulators if they did not engage in such risky transactions.

Companies must certify to the government under pain of large fines and/or lawsuits that they hire a certain percentage of black applicants. The code term was “affirmative action”. In reality it is simply compulsory hiring of unqualified people with dark skin. In a similar way, companies must go through rigorous and extensive steps to fire a black employee because of these same laws.

I personally know of one black-skinned person who was kept on the payroll of a large corporation for years because she threatened to sue the company for racial discrimination if they tried to dismiss her. She was incompetent, surly, uncooperative, and lazy. She did what she was asked if she felt like it and did nothing when that suited her. I personally saw her engaged in both types of activities at various times.

Colleges have developed reverse discrimination “affirmative action” programs to ensure that they have a certain percentage of black students attending their institution, even though many of these students are not academically qualified. They are there BECAUSE they have black skin, not because of their scholastic abilities. This is a monumental insult to negro students who DO have sufficient academic abilities to attend such institutions. The dropout rate of these AA trophy students is 85 percent. A testimony to the complete failure of these type of programs to produce anything other than theatrics for the media. These are the same people who have tried to stand the laws of economics and society on their head to enforce outcome-based programs in other areas.

Virtually all federal welfare programs are aimed at the poor portion of our negro minority. We have spent trillions of dollars funding housing, food, rental assistance, recreational facilities/programs, and job training programs for them. While it is true that some white families benefit from these programs, the majority of the recipients are black. Their proportion of participation in taxpayer-financed welfare programs is far out of proportion to their percentage of the overall population.

In addition to taxpayer-financed welfare programs, the negro population receives a large proportion of taxpayer-financed services in the criminal justice system. A greater percentage of black-skinned people are criminals than all other races in this country, as measured as a percentage of each racial group. Fully, twenty percent of all black men have a criminal record. This is double the average for other racial groups in the U.S.

Crime in many negro neighborhoods is rampant (and is spread outside them, as well). Some areas are so dangerous, that the police do not go in them during certain times. To this problem, billions of taxpayer dollars are spent on combating negro crime, out of proportion to that spent on crime by other individual racial groups.

There are special programs in government contracting to ensure that “minority-owned” companies are given PREFERENCE in the bidding for government contracts. Thus, a company that is not qualified to bid on a government contract because it does not have the capacity or expertise can be granted the contract simply because it is owned by a person with black skin. Again, “reverse discrimination” has stood normal economic processes on their head.

Fear of negro advocacy groups has abrogated some of our constitutional rights. For instance, when a local Housing Authority seeks to buy a property in a neighborhood (it is understood that the authority is going to place a negro family there because that is what they usually do), the citizens of that neighborhood cannot reverse the decision for fear that a lawsuit be filed by the federal Housing and Urban Development agency or the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. Thus, the very fundamental operation of democracy is halted, for fear of Negro-centric legal action.

These social, economic and political distortions are primarily aimed at the American negro population. The Asian-american people do not need such social/economic crutches from the government to be successful in our society. Immigrants from India do not need such special hand-outs to be successful in our society. Most Latino immigrants to this nation, legal AND illegal, do not need any special social or economic provisions to become successful in American society. In fact, the fact that so many Latino immigrants choose to sneak into this country illegally is proof that American society is basically color/race-blind and will assimilate anyone willing to work to pay their own way. These non-black people settle into poor neighborhoods and begin work or school and gradually work their way up and out of the poorer areas and into middle class neighborhoods, with little or no government assistance.

The wording in many programs may say “racial” but most people see that its application is skewed toward “negro”. And, yes, other racial groups benefit from these programs to some degree, so the politicians and the networks can say, they were not just thinking of their most vocal and self-conscious minority constituency.

While I do not consider myself a “racist”, there are many people – both white and black – who will disagree. Most of these people are not objective on the matter. They have a vested interest in perpetuating a negro race-sensitive awareness in society. For it is with this negro hyper-sensitivity that they achieve and maintain power over both black and white portions of the American society. They are the new slave masters of America.

Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton and their white apologists need a perceived poor, suffering black population on which to stand to build their power. They need to constantly remind as much of the the black population as possible that they are still poor slaves because of the racist, rich white people who control the economy and seek to keep them poor. This is exactly what “reverend” Jeremiah Wright preaches. And these people need to constantly perpetuate the guilt of the white population by reminding them of the misdeeds of their ancestors. Through this dual deception, these leaders perpetuate the slave mentality in the black minority and the guilt-generated financing by the white population.

Any comments perceived as undermining their distortion of the racial situation in this nation is immediately, and loudly, labeled as “racist”. This epithet is enthusiastically disbursed by the news media because it will increase viewer interest for a day or two or three, and thus, prop up advertising rates. Thus, perpetuating the “racist” myth, is good for business. And no politician wants to receive such a label, no matter how absurdly applied. And it is almost universally applied to Republicans by the media and those whose power base is the downtrodden negro masses, who still believe it is their lot in life to be poor.

It is the reason that Rush Limbaugh was fired from an ESPN sports program because he stated that the reason player Donavan McNabb did not receive more criticism for his poor performance was because he was black. The statement, while just an opinion, was probably true, but virtually no one accepted the statement on its merits. All that could be seen or heard was the blind screeching of the New Slave Masters on the news networks of, “racist”.

It should be stated for further clarity and balance, that many Americans with black skin are not part of these distortions. This group could be as much as half the black population in the United States. Many have risen from poor beginnings to become productive members of our society. They do not see themselves as once-removed slaves and doomed to be wards of the state. Many grew up in middle class homes and have a value system dissimilar from those who live in the urban projects on the public dole. Children of these families are more focused on academics and career. And the young men know how to dress so that their pants stay above their buttocks.

Those in the previous paragraph notwithstanding, because of all of the above-mentioned distortions, it is sadly ironic that many Negros have become economic slaves to the white tax-paying population. The very outcome they have been (over)promised, and which then seek to avoid has been built around them by their leaders and “protectors”. A significant proportion of black Americans see themselves as unable - or are unwilling - to join with the productive majority of society, and are content to live off of the provisions given to them by guilt-responsive white politicians funded by the taxes paid by the majority of the white population.

So, in a sense, nothing has changed since 1860, except that negro slavery is no longer limited to 15 southern states.

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