Saturday, October 17, 2009


Everything is fine.
I have been busy working out four days a week.
I have been working to finish an analysis of a book by D.S. Warner, "Bible Proof of the Second Work of Grace".
I got inspired to build a few small accessories for my desk, workshop and gym.

My desk got a new elevated book stand so that I could put my big Strong's concordance next to my computer keyboard.

My gym got a couple of guides (for lack of a better term) to go on my barbell so that it cannot slide to one side during a certain exercise.
This problem is the result of some imprecise workmanship on another part in my gym.
Engineering change requests/orders are in process to correct this problem.

My workshop got a new and improved box in which to store my wood scraps.
This project came about while trying to build my desk stand.
I got frustrated trying to find pieces of wood of a certain size by digging through the big bin that I had all my wood scraps in.
All my little leftover pieces were all piled together in one big box.
So, methinks, why not build a storage container that allows my scraps to be divided by size?
Good idea, my other self says.
So, off I go to my quadrille lined paper to deeziin my new box.
After some measuring, cutting and glueing, I now have a new, sub-divided box for my wood scraps.
And I can see at a glance what I have of each size of wood.
Woo hoo.

More soon.

In God we trust.

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