Friday, November 07, 2008

An Outline For the Coming Deconstruction

With Democrats/liberals/socialists in every elected branch of government, they can easily feel that they have a "mandate" from "the people" to enact whatever their little black hearts desire.

As they do, all the protest emails to congress from the defeated, squabbling conservative losers will fall on blind eyes.

The star-struck populace so enamored with their new messiah will accept every act of dismemberment of morality, structure, and economic institution in the belief that he is making things better for them.

When it finally becomes apparent that he and his demons have killed the goose that lays the golden eggs, it will be too late to resuscitate and resurrect the bird.

Remember the "Stagflation" of Jimmy Carter?

Get ready for it again.

One day of terrorist attacks on Washington, D.C. will provide the final bullet to a nation, bankrupt morally, philosophically, politically, and economically.

To the few of us still with a will to fight, we will try to mount a revolution.

It will be too little too late.

In God we trust....

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