Thursday, May 29, 2008


There is a guy at work who has some amusing viewpoints from time to time.
Recently, he was impressed with irony of a news article.
The article related how some Palestinians in Gaza were protesting because their electricity had been cut off.
The article explained that Gaza gets its electricity from Israel and a Hamas-fired missile had hit a sub-station in Israel, knocking out the electricity.
The irony of this situation was not lost on my co-worker.

"So, they shoot missiles into Israel and knock out their own power," he mused out loud.
"And then they protest because they ain't got [his words] no electricity."

"I think I have a solution for this problem," he continued.
"It's called the Gaza desert.
"It will include the Gaza lizard sanctuary.
"All it will take is just a few big bombs and no more Gaza.
"No Gaza," he concluded, "No problems."

The logic was flawless.


I tried to compensate for my non-run on Saturday by going back to my running course in Research Park on Sunday morning to try again.
My hope was that my back would be a bit better than it was on Saturday morning.
I could barely go one hundred yards before the pain became unbearable.
So I walked.
The office complex where I park my car has several buildings in it with lots of parking space around each of them, so, rather than walk for distance, I walked for a set length of time.
The goal was thirty-five minutes - about the time it takes me to walk two miles in my neighborhood.
So round and round I went, circling some buildings twice, other just once.
This effort was successful (such as it was).

I am looking forward to my run this coming Saturday. 8 )


My time of Ecclesiastical melancholy has passed, as I knew it would.
They seldom last more than a day or two.
Nothing has really changed, so the mood changes are all the more baffling. (well, my back is getting better.)
Stranger living through chemistry....

This is a shot of the new access door I made for my tub/shower wall.
The old version was not a door at all but just a piece of plywood nailed over the hole in the wall.
Since this picture was taken I have painted the new door with primer.
Eventually it will be painted the same color as the closet when I decide on a color.

For some reason, my little rose bush next to the mail box has exploded with blooms this spring.
I thought this event worthy of some bits and bytes.


Jonathan said...

That's a pretty header you have going on up there. I am mostly leaving a comment to say that for some reason, whenever you leave a comment on my blog, it fails to alert me that I have a comment queued for moderation, so I don't notice it until someone else leaves a comment. It's strange because you are the only person it does that to.

Oh, and happy retirement! :)

Paw said...

I wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that I am using Linux (openSUSE) and/or the Linux version of Firefox.

I know that this version of Firefox does not behave in the same way that the Window$ version of Firefox does.

Just a guess.

And, thank you.
It feels a bit strange to be able to goof off every day. (or not, if I choose to do something worthwhile around the house.)

Thanks for dropping by. 8)


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