Monday, November 19, 2007

Running, Remodeling, Thanking


Forty-two minutes.
That was my time Saturday morning.
I was a bit tardy getting to the course from dithering around the house trying to decide what to wear.
It was supposed to be in the high thirties, according to my recollection.
My recollection was wrong.
It was in the high forties.
It makes a difference.
So I over-dressed a little.
The downside of such errors is that I am a bit uncomfortable (read: hot) if I overdo the clothing layers.
The upside?
I am warm even though the weather is “cold”.

I was tired from some extra effort at work this week.
I prepared myself for a tough slog and that is what I got.
The runner in me said, “This is not fun.”
The coach in me said, “Shuddup an' run.”
Running Central noted the sharp little pin-prick pain in the front of my right knee, and the stiffness in my left hip.
Somewhere in mile one, all the body part complaints disappeared.

I had not gone a good one-eighth of a mile when it became clear that the tension on my shoelaces was not even.
The right was much too loose.
It felt like it had come untied – a first ever event during a run, of any sort.
I had to STOP and retie my right shoelace.
I hate that.

Strangely, I had to stop AGAIN about a mile later to retie that SAME shoelace.
I do not know what happened.
My New Balance running shoes have never had a problem with laces coming loose.
My latest pair have special lumpy laces that, I was told by the salesperson, were designed lumpy so they would not come loose.
For me, they were fixing something that was not a problem to me.

At the end, I was tired.
I felt mentally good that I had done my duty and finished my run.
The last quarter mile was one of those blind trots where all you really want to see is the finish line/crack in the parking lot so you can stop.
As tired as I was, I knew that I would quickly recover from this effort and have a good day.
And it was so.


After church, Sunday, we partook of our annual Thanksgiving dinner.
The ladies of the congregation prepared a massive feast.
One look at the table and I felt inadequate for the task that lay ahead of me.
I got some turkey, some ham, sweet potato casserole, Lima beans, a cornbread muffin, cranberry sauce, and maybe some other stuff. (oh, yea, I had some stuffing, too.)
After cleaning my plate, I partook of some cake. (I left most of the too-thick but very good, cream cheese-based icing on the plate – too sweet!)
It was all good.
I did not partake of the two kinds of brownies, the fudge, the apple pie, the pan cake, the cookies, or any of the three pastel-colored cool-whip dishes. (we had pink, green, and white with red dots (strawberries?) in it.)


The big news this week (other than it being Thanksgiving week) is that I am taking the entire week off to remodel my bathroom.
I really do not expect to have this whole project completed by next weekend, but I will have most of it done.
I have taken the extra time off to allow for fixing unforeseen problems that always come up during remodeling projects.
And I will take most of Thursday off from the remodeling to cook (and eat!) my Thanksgiving dinner.

If you remember the tale of the flying bathtub a few weeks ago, well, this week is when the new tub gets its new home. (and I get to stop scrubbing tile)
Because I am taking ALL of the tile out of the bathroom, I must remove the toilet and the pedestal sink (which I hate).
Today I purchased a new, super-flushing toilet.

I dread this project but it will be nice when I get it all done.
Photos are being taken to document the progress.
They will be posted soon.


Remodling projects notwithstanding, I/we have many things to be thankful for.

First and formost, that God in mercy reached down to this helpless sinner and called me from my ignorance, rebellion, and selfishness to His kingdom/family/church.
A truly life-changing experience.
He has guided me, helped me, and taken care of me since that time.
I have had to exercise 1 John 2:1 a few times, but God has always been available to restore me.

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